Just Sitting by Carol Spaulding Washes and Rinsed by Carol Spaulding The Lake by Carol Spaulding
Just Sitting Washed and Rinsed The Lake

oil | 12 x 12

acrylic | 14 x 20 gouache | 13 x 13
Secret Spot by Carol Spaulding Stay Close by Carol Spaulding Color Field by Carol Spaulding
Secret Spot Stay Close Color Field
gouache | 15 x 15 pastel | 19 x 19 pastel | 13 x 13
Fresh and Blue by Carol Spaulding Winter Lake II by Carol Spaulding Shoreline by Carol Spaulding
Fresh and Blue Winter Lake II Shoreline
14 x 20 acrylic | 13 x 13 gouache | 11 x 22

Artist Statement | My passion is to paint. I embrace the whole enlivening and intimate endeavor: the physicality of  the materials, the colors, the exploration and invention. To make art is to confirm aliveness and joy, and ultimately to express my true self. I seek that magic which requires me to pick up the brush and begin with the paint. And if I am lucky, something will surprise me.

Artist Interview |

Q:What was your first memorable experience with art?
A: Like all young children, I loved to paint, draw and make things and I still do.

Q: Can you explain when you first knew you wanted to become an artist? Who/What turned you on to Art?
A: In High School I determined to be an artist. School days did not provide enough art classes so I rode the bus into town every Saturday to take courses at the Kalamazoo Institute of Art. My parents were not pleased when I announced that I would study Art in College. They encouraged me to think seriously about supporting a possible future family. I took all the required liberal arts classes in college, but still I could not think what was more engaging to me than making art.

Q: Is there any single piece of artwork that has impacted you as a child? An adolescent? An adult?
A:I especially liked ceramics and in particular the Japanese pottery and tea bowls for their simplicity of design and wabi-sabi nature. I did chose ceramics as my major at Syracuse University, School of Art. Classes in drawing, painting, fiber arts, design and sculpture were all part of the arts program.

Q: What artists influenced you the most? Current Influences?
A: Over the years I’ve looked at a lot of art in museums, galleries, shows, in books and on line. I have found the work of Richard Diebenkorn to be especially inspiring. Other favorite artists include Cy Twombly, Mitchell Johnson, Sean Scully, Caio Fonseca, Melanie Parke, Pier Wright, Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Mitchell, Grace Hartigan, Emile Nolde.

Q: What do you like most about the medium and surface you use?
A: I love the juiciness and color possibilities of oil paints.  Gouache, like oil, can be transparent or opaque, but being water based is easily transported, making it ideal for working in the field and sketching.

Q: What ideas are behind your current work?
A: Whether it is landscape, stills or abstract work, I strive to communicate aliveness and joy. I consider palette and composition and find that my most successful works contain at least for me, an element of surprise.

Q: What do you want people to respond to in your work?
A: I am committed to painting and art making. Hopefully my enthusiasm and vitality for the work will be sensed.  If someone is moved to pause, take a deeper breath, catch a whiff of joy: to me those are good signs.

Q: Do you have a predetermined idea of what your finished work will be like, or do the ideas emerge in process?
A: I like to stay a little loose and see what happens in the process of working with the materials. I may be referencing one thing or another, but I am not at all interested in realistically recording anything. I like to be surprised.

Q: What are your goals for your work in the next few years?
A: I will continue to paint. Marketing is a challenge. July through October 2013 my landscape work may be seen at the new Underbark Gallery in the Old School building in Glen Arbor. Other work is shown at Cogs Creek Gallery in TC. I apply to high quality juried shows and will continue to do so. The current Muskegon Museum of Arts 85th state-wide juried show and the October 2013 opening of “Art of the Sleeping Bear Dunes” group show at Dennos Museum (TC) are  showing my work. Folks are welcome to my studio by appointment. My website is